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Welcome to Sacramento SKAL - a New Vision

Coming out of Covid, we are all individually a little different, and so is this Chapter of SKAL.

Our focus has changed to be advocates for the Sacramento hospitality industry as a whole.
Our goal and our give back to our industry is to benefit all in our profession, not just members.

We are reaching out to you, as a hospitality professional, through our meetings and events,

Attend our unique events. Meet, support, and learn from each other.
Membership is not required for our hosted events and we welcome all advisors & professionals

Of course we would like you to consider membership and become a contributing member,
but our events are for all advisors & professionals, members or not.

Monthly meetings are now different too. We mix venues, dates, & times so all can better attend.
Many meetings are inexpensive. Simple breakfasts, others a lunch, and yet others are still the nicer dinners.
We even recently held a free pizza picnic meeting in the park, it was really nice.

Professional networking is a key to individual success.